Phu Ninh's investment attraction


(QNO) - The socio-economic development in Phu Ninh is more prosperous after a year of effort.

Rural labors - the problem needs solving.
Rural labors - the problem needs solving.

Development motivation

Mr. Huynh Kim Kinh, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Chairman of Phu Ninh People Council said that Phu Ninh’s achievements of socioeconomic development in 2014 was the results of the leaders’ and local residents’  unanimity. Especially, political security and socio-economic development is always ensured in the district during the year.

Nearly 444 thousand dollars to build Tam Phuoc Commune Health Stations

According to Phu Ninh People's Committee, Tam Phuoc Medical Clinic sponsored by the US Pacific High Command with nearly 444.000 USD is expected to be complete in 2015. When put into use, the clinic will contribute to meeting local people’s health care needs, reducing the overcrowding for central hospitals. (A.T)

The Phu Ninh’s construction and development process in 2014 has been propitious and relatively comprehensive.  According to Chairman of Phu Ninh People’s Committee Nguyen Phi Thanh, the district's economic structure is shifting in the right direction; people's living conditions have gradually been bettered. In particular, industrial and household industrial production continues to develop well. Its value is 1,076 billion VND by estimate, achieving 94%, an increase of 18% compared to the same period last year. The infrastructure of industrial clusters has been invested; investment promotion activities has been implemented; several enterprises have been actively attracted and supported to invest into rural areas, help create jobs for more than 1,150 employees, an increase of 4.5% of the plan; 2910 rural labors were trained. The local economy consisting of industry, trade and services has stably been developed; service - commercial production values are estimated at 952 billion VND, 104% compared to the plan, up 22.6% compared with 2013; agricultural production was 106.8% of the plan, to over 977 billion VND, up 5.6%; the poverty rate fell to 4.59% (2.85% down compared with 2013).

Investment attraction

According to Mr. Nguyen Phi Thanh, till now, 13 enterprises have been attracted to invest into the district’s industrial clusters. Over 300 local labors have been employed.

After 3 years of implementation of the national target program on building new rural areas, three communes Tam An, Tam Phuoc and Tam Thanh have completed all 19 required criteria, 7 others have met 11-18 ones. The agricultural and rural infrastructure (including irrigation and drainage system, rural transport network, etc.) has also been improved to develop agricultural production, increase income for farmers.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Bang, Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department, the total food output reaches 44,752 tons (up 1,300 tons compared to 2013). The average rice productivity is 59.54 kg/ha, 40,456.8 tons of production (gaining 104.2% of the plan). The average value of the annual cultivated area is 58.2 million/ha (an increase of 1.7 million/ha compared to 2013). In particular, the construction of a large sample field with an area of 480/400 hectares, performing 846/800 hectares of high-income field, extending hybrid rice and seed rice production (1425/1.350ha) have contributed to the increase of production efficiency and farmers’ incomes.