New assistance and supports for craft and industrial production

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On May 7, the Quang Nam People’s Committee issued the Decision 07/2013/QĐ-UBND on promulgating the regulation of supporting and promoting  investment for garment, leather - footwear industry and rattan - bamboo - leaf (GLF and RBL) art craft  production in the mountainous and rural areas of Quang Nam province in the period of 2013-2016.

According to this regulation, the objects to be received benefits are: trading firms, co-operatives, individual and trading family groups belong to GLF and RBL production branches (investors) which carry out investing projects in the rural and mountainous areas. The trading firms in rural areas must employ 200 labours up for GL production branches and from 50 labours up for RBN art craft production branch and those of having 20 and 10 employees up in mountainous areas.

When investing to build new or to enlarge the factories, moving the trading firms from urban center to industrial zones in the rural and mountainous areas, the  investors will be given assistances and supports in finance, land for production, training workers, commercial promotion, investing credit. The investors will be supported 100 per cent of expenditures for land clearance compensation, moving production firm to rural and mountainous regions, training workers, stalls rental in the fairs, exhibition and commercial promotion in the province.

Besides, the investors will be supported according to the law on developing investment, be given assistances in investment credit and export credit according to the government’s regulation (Decree 41/2010/NĐ-CP, dated April 12, 2010, of the government). The investors can be loaned capital from credit organizations, Quang Nam Branch Development Bank for building factories, houses and will be decrease 50 per cent of interest rate after investment for the different level between credit organization’s and  state investment credit capital’s interest rate.

Quang Nam People’s Committee requested the Department of Industry and Commerce to co-operate with relevant departments, the city and districts’ People’s Committee in the province for public dissemination this decision.