Calling investment for Tam Hiep port project


(QNO) - This project has just been called for investment by Chu Lai Open Economic Zone Authority (belonged to Ky Ha –  Chu Lai Port system).

Tam Hiep port
Tam Hiep port

Tam Hiep port is a prestigious one with largely international relationship. All domestic and oversea enterprises that have financial capacity, capital to build the port and investment experiences in trading fields such as transportation, infrastructure exploitation… can invest in FDI, domestic or joint-venture forms. The total investment capital to this project is  about 200 million USD for the period 2013-2020; the  duration of  operation is 50 years and the land area of the project is 75ha. The aims of the project are to raise the capacity of Tam Hiep port to receive 20.000 DWT ships, increase cargo loading and unloading capacity, transport cargo to foreign countries and a favourable destination of the world shipping routes.

The investor will be given many preferences and priorities such as the land rentals price will be applied according to the yearly land rentals price of the province authority, enjoyed land and water face rentals exemption within 15 years.  The enterprise income tax will be 10% within 15 years from the day of operation, tax exemption within 4 years from the first year of paying enterprise income tax and a 50% reduction for the following 9 years.

Besides, the enterprises will be exempted over  import tax for fixed assets creation and within first 5 years for imported raw material and instruments which have not been produced yet in Vietnam for production.