Acceleration of Tam Ky city's industry


(QNO) - In 2016, many FDI (foreign direct investment) industrial projects in Tam Ky city will be officially inaugurated and put into operation. Besides, small and medium-sized businesses are stabilizing step by step. All brings a promising future to the  industrial sector of the city.

An overview of the production complex of Panko Group in Tam Thang commune. Photo: Hoang Bin
An overview of the production complex of Panko Group in Tam Thang commune. Photo: Hoang Bin

Attracting investment

In 2015, South Korea’s Panko Group started to build the Panko garment and textile plant and Ducksan Vina garment accessory plant in Tam Thang commune (Tam Ky city) with a total capital of  1,540 billion VND, covering an area of 33.5ha. These projects will be finished in the middle of this year with an annual capacity of 25,000 tons of textile and dyeing products, 75 million garment units and 30 million accessory units. Besides, Shing Chan Vina company invested 220 billion VND to build a medical equipment producing and processing plant in Thuan Yen Industrial Zone. Fashion Garment company signed an investment contract of 1,100 billion VND  to build a garment-embroidery-printing plant. These projects put into operation will create great opportunities for thousands of labourers in the city as well as in neighbouring localities, fostering the industrial growth of the city.

According to Mr Choi Young Joo- President of Panko Group, the investment climate in Tam Ky city is very good. The city authority has paid much attention to investment attraction strategies and created favourable conditions for investors.

Bright point in attracting businesses

Until the end of 2015, the city attracted 97 industrial businesses, a rise of 25 busineses against 2012. In the 2010-2015 periods, the total industrial value was 15,139 billion VND, an annual increase of 16.3%.

From 2016 onwards, Tam Ky city continues to transfer the economic structure towards industry-service-trade. Administrative reform, international cooperation and infrastructure building will be also strengthened to attract investors. Besides, the authority of the city will unbind the businesses’ difficulties on time.