Indigenous culture and community tourism development

QNN 27/01/2021 21:05

Community tourism is considered as a model of sustainable tourism in some Central localities, including Quang Nam.

Ta Lang community tourism village
Ta Lang community tourism village. Photo:

Culture as a base for community tourism development

Ta Lang community tourism village is located in Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province. It is home to Co Tu ethnic groups with different unique cultural values.

Folk music, folk games and folk dances such as P’rá pr’ma, têng bh’noóch, tr’a (nói lý- hát lý in Vietnamese), folk songs, and public dances are always attractive to visitors.

Craft villages where pottery, knitting products, brocade, musical instrument, and wooden statues are made also contribute to the attraction of the village. Besides, traditional Co Tu foods and drinks make visitors captivated.

In addition, Tay Giang owns primary forests of rare plants in Red data book such as Erythrophleum fordii, folkienia, and rhododendron.

There are currently 1146 1000-year-old folkienia trees. In particular, the climate in Tay Giang is fresh and cool during the year thanks to its system of rivers and springs on which several waterfalls (such as R’cung and R’mang) are very attractive to visitors.

The model of community tourism contributes to the exploration and conservation of Co Tu cultural features, improving the locals’ income by creating jobs for the villagers.

It is considered as a sustainable economic growth in Tay Giang, helping preserve natural resources and the reserves in the area. Community tourism development is also a chance to introduce the beauty of traditional Co Tu culture to the public.

In Central Vietnam, several models of community tourism can also be found in other districts. One of them is Anor community tourism village in A Luoi district (Thua Thien Hue), where visitors can learn about daily activities of Co Tu and Ta Oi ethnic groups, experiencing their traditional cultural activities and enjoying their traditional food and drinks.

Cultural values and tourism development

The planning and design of Ta Lang and A Nor community tourism villages should be based on the local cultural and historical values.

Public dance in Ta Lang community tourism village
Public dance in Ta Lang community tourism village. Photo:

Besides, the values of natural landscapes need to be paid attention. Local authorities have to help the locals be aware of the importance and significance of green tourism and sustainable tourism, and support them to change their career and livelihood.

One more important problem in community tourism development is the agreement in the community. This problem needs the support of local authorities and travel agencies.

Therefore, it can be said that the connection between communities, authorities and businesses is the key to community tourism development.

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Indigenous culture and community tourism development