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Indigenous cultural preservation in Nam Tra My

Translated by CAM HY May 24, 2024 09:46

(QNO) - Since the issuance of Resolution No.12 on preserving and promoting the cultural values of Nam Tra My's ethnic groups, the locality has carried out various activities to preserve indigenous culture, which serve the development of the ginseng region's tourism.
The new rice celebration festival of the Xo Dang ethnic group is held in Tra Cang commune.

The resolution aims to research, restore, preserve traditional festivals of ethnic minorities, revive the craft of brocade weaving and basketry in local villages.

All communes are supported with drums, gongs, costumes, and jewelry to facilitate traditional cultural activities locally. Ethnic minority boarding school students, high school students, and elementary and middle school students wear traditional costumes on festive occasions.

Since 2023, intangible cultural heritage conservation (gong playing) for Ca Dong, Xe Dang, and Mo Nong ethnic minorities has begun. Club members in villages and community groups participate in classes led by district artisans.
Performance of gong playing during festivals in Tra Cang.

Through various support resources, Nam Tra My has contributed to creating an environment for practicing rituals, customs, traditional costumes, and jewelry of ethnic communities.

They have also preserved and developed traditional craft villages integrated into household and community economies.

With cultural investment, they have restored traditional festivals of the Ca Dong, Xo Dang, Mo Nong ethnic groups and provided training for transmitting intangible cultural heritage and professional skills to cultural officials and ethnic minority artisans.

The district supports villages in purchasing traditional costumes for the three ethnic groups. Many tasks are ongoing and planned for the future, such as restoring, preserving costumes, jewelry, ritual poles and traditional village houses.

They also support the restoration of brocade and weaving villages in Tra Nam, Tra Linh, and Tra Cang communes, as well as the collection, preservation, conservation of costumes and jewelry reflecting the unique cultural identity of each ethnic group.

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Indigenous cultural preservation in Nam Tra My