Hoiana-KOCHAM tourism cooperation

Translated by HO THU Jun 11, 2024 09:15

(QNO) - Hoiana Resort & Golf and Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KORCHAM) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on tourism development in the afternoon of June 8.

Signing ceremony between Hoiana and KOCHAM

Under the terms of the agreement, KOCHAM will support the promotion of Hoiana's destinations and promotional policies, as well as enhancing the connectivity to Korean.

In return, Hoiana also committed to providing the best possible support to KOCHAM and its members. In addition to KOCHAM, at the ceremony, Hoiana also signed cooperation agreements with a number of member enterprises to ensure preferential rest policies in the future for the units.

According to Steven Wolstenholme, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hoiana, Korea is one of the largest international tourist markets of Hoiana. That's why the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is so important to Hoiana.

Hoiana, KOCHAM and its members at the signing ceremony

Steven Wolstenholme also hopes Hoiana has broader access to the South Korean tourism market, attracting more tourists from South Korea to Quang Nam and Hoiana thanks to the support of KOCHAM.

According to Hong Sun, Chairman of KOCHAM in the North, KOCHAM highly appreciates the potential of the cooperation.

Hoiana's commitment to providing high-quality travel experiences and continuously improving the quality of service is the solid foundation of this bilateral relationship. In the future, Hoiana and KOCHAM will work closely together to launch destination promotions, grand events, and many other collaborative activities to maximise the potential of both sides.

The signing ceremony is important to the cooperative relationship between Hoiana and KOCHAM as well as the group of member enterprises in the forthcoming period.

The deal opens up promising prospects for Hoiana in attracting more tourists from South Korea, with a focus on high-end holiday tourism, MICE tourism, and golf tourism.

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Hoiana-KOCHAM tourism cooperation