Hoi An tourism stimulation

QNN 11/01/2021 15:55

The ancient quarter is considered as the centre for tourism development in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province). So, it is currently necessary to have solutions to the problems of safety and quality of this tourist attraction.

Night streets in Hoi An
Night streets in Hoi An

The Covid-19 epidemic is now being controlled in Vietnam and the Vietnamese are doing their best to revive the economy in the context of the global complicated coronavirus disease.

So, Hoi An, which used to be a famous tourist attraction to foreigners, needs to be adapted for domestic visitors.

Hoi An tourism activities fell sharply under the bad impacts of Covid-19. So, the city has to give the priority to coronavirus prevention and control in order to make it a safe tourism destination.

Besides, the ancient quarter of Hoi An needs to be awakened after a long time of sleeping in Covid-19 and natural disasters.

It’s time to refresh the space of ancient quarter through the lighting system, improve and exploit the beauty of the alleys in the quarter.

The improvement of the environment and landscapes in the Hoi An ancient quarter is regularly carried out to maintain the image of a friendly and hospitable tourism destination.

Moreover, Hoi An has also launched a lot of tourism stimulus programmes, strengthening propaganda, creating new tourism products and bettering the quality of existing tourism products to meet the needs of the domestic tourist market.

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Hoi An tourism stimulation