Hoi An in Western media

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(QNO) - The New Zealand Herald (NZHerald) has recently published an article about interesting experiences and offered suggestions for international travellers to Hoi An. The NZHerald rated this city as the most beautiful tourist attraction in Vietnam.

Yellow colour of ancient houses in Hoi An. Photo: tienphong

According to Katie Lockhart, the author of the article, Hoi An is one of the most stunning locations in Vietnam and is well worth a visit. This charming destination has a wealth of historical value.

When sunlight first hits Hoi An, the ancient town glows golden like a rice field before harvest.

Although there are a lot of tourist attractions that draw both local and international visitors, this distinctive yellow colour of the shophouses there is its most defining and beautiful characteristic.

At night, LED-lit boats putter up and down while candle-lit lanterns float along the Thu Bon river.

Around the ancient town’s maze-like streets, thousands of colourful lanterns hang at almost every corner, as tailor shops, souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants beckon travellers in.

Besides its ancient quarter at night, which is well worth exploring, Hoi An has a lot on offer, from its gentle rice fields to its stunning beaches.

Colourful lanterns in Hoi An. Photo: tienphong

Katie Lockhart suggests some favourite things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam’s most beautiful town.

Cycling. It’s really novel for travellers to ride a bicycle along the concrete paths that connect the paddy fields and admire the grazing buffaloes and the locals weeding in their conical hats.

Enjoying coffee. Hoi An has a stellar coffee scene. There are endless places to sit down for a Vietnamese coffee. And salted coffee, egged coffee, and coconut coffee are recommended.

Enjoying foods and drinks. Hoi An is beloved for its street food scene. From bread to cao lau, there are dozens of places to choose from along its streets.

When it’s time to cool off, head to Hoi An’s beaches, stretching from Hoi An to Da Nang. Wherever travellers decide to go for a swim, there will be plenty of lounge chairs and fresh-cut coconuts to enjoy.

A beach in Hoi An. Photo: tienphong

In terms of souvenirs, let's think of clothes. Hoi An’s history as a former trading port meant silks and fabrics were an important part of life. Today, the town is famous for its hundreds of tailor shops where travellers can have a custom-made dress or suit with a 24-hour turnaround time. It’s best to arrive with a picture or a physical piece of clothing you’d like copied. Then, you can select your favourite fabric and get your measurements taken for your own piece of couture.

Hoi An city is currently classified as a third-class urban area under Quang Nam province. International travellers mistakenly think of it or prefer to call it a town due to its small space and the slow-paced life of this heritage urban area.

(Source: tienphong)

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Hoi An in Western media