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Hi-tech start-ups

QUỲNH THƯ 08/02/2024 08:49

Applying science and technology has become more and more popular and makes farming more effective.

A model of a hi-tech start-up in Quang Nam

Start-up with Daisy

A start-up model of hi-tech farming is a 1.2 trillion-square-meter Daisy garden in Duc Bo hamlet (Tam Anh Bac commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province) by Pham Phu.

Pham Phu used to plant flowers in Da Lat city and nourished a dream of a large Daisy garden in Quang Nam.

In 2017, he left Da Lat for his hometown to make his dream come true. Pham Phu, with his high determination, has built and set up a greenhouse that is equipped with modern technology and machines, including automatic irrigation and lighting systems for flower development.

The flower he chooses to plant is Daisy. Currently, he has 80 thousand Daisy trees.

Asparagus and cantaloupe

Not far from Pham Phu’s Daisy garden is Luong Tan Tien’s asparagus garden.

Luong Tan Tien at his asparagus garden

Luong Tan Tien has a great passion for farming, so he has studied a lot of weather and soil conditions in his hometown.

In 2022, he discovered the potential for planting asparagus and developed a one-thousand square-metre garden of asparagus.

Asparagus grows well in Tien’s garden. He is now harvesting between ten and fifteen kilograms of asparagus a day.

According to Luong Tan Tien, the span of asparagus is about 7-10 years. He hopes his asparagus will develop well and have higher productivity in the time to come.

Having a passion for hi-tech farming and being inspired by a friend who is planting cantaloupe in greenhouses, Tien decided to set up a model cantaloupe greenhouse.

Luong Tan Tien and his cantaloupe garden

He has also planned to develop one more 500-square-metre greenhouse to plant cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hydroponic vegetables, etc.

According to Tien, using technology for farming, such as greenhouses, hydroponic farming, and drip irrigation, can help observe and control environmental factors, including temperature, light, and moisture, thereby helping the trees grow well.

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Hi-tech start-ups