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Green fisheries in Quang Nam

Translated by Q.THU 19/02/2024 13:33

(QNO) - Quang Nam is pursuing the development of green and eco-friendly fisheries, decreasing fishing, increasing aquaculture, and preserving resources for sustainable growth.

Hi-tech shrimp farming

Green, extensive shrimp farming

The green, intensive white-legged shrimp farming in coastal sandy areas is promoting the sustainable development of aquaculture in Quang Nam.

C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company has coordinated with farmers in Duy Xuyen and Nui Thanh districts to create a chain of safe shrimp farming by applying modern technology.

The company consumes and processes their shrimp to provide for the local market and for export.

Reportedly, hi-tech shrimp farming, such as the CPF Combine model, is more effective than traditional methods.

The model of CPF Combine facilitates farming management, including processing ponds, the quality of water, leftovers, and dead shrimp.

Using a modern model of shrimp farming also helps prevent diseases, improve health, raise the survival rate of shrimp, increase yield, and rotate crops quickly.

The entire farming process uses minerals and biological products, but not antibiotics, to meet strict requirements for foreign food safety and hygiene and facilitate exports.


Green and ecological aquaculture is applied in mangrove forests in Nui Thanh district. This is suitable and generates a good income while the environment and eco-diversity are protected.

Mangrove forests used for aquaculture become a shield for biological conservation associated with sustainable livelihoods.

According to Ho Quang Buu, Deputy Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee, natural seaculture development in combination with aquatic resource conservation and tourism development is an inevitable direction on Quang Nam's journey of green fishery development.

Green fishery development is aimed at preserving natural resources, reducing negative impacts on the environment and ecosystem, protecting human health, improving product competitiveness, and increasing social values.

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Green fisheries in Quang Nam