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Getting rich from local products

Translated by QUYNH THU 09/02/2024 21:35

Minh Nga fried shrimp rolls have recently been recognised as a 3-star OCOP product. They are made of the aquatic resources in the Truong Giang River (Quang Nam province).

Making shrimp rolls

Nguyen Thi Nga and her husband are living in Hamlet 4, Binh Giang commune, Thang Binh district, where the Truong Giang river flows through.

They started making shrimp rolls in 2013. The shrimp are caught in the Truong Giang river.

However, the fried shrimp rolls under the brand Minh Nga were born in 2017 and have become popular with customers in Quang Nam and some other provinces and cities, including Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city.

Minh Nga shrimp rolls are made of shrimp and pork and are rolled in rice paper. They were recognised as a provincial 3-star OCOP product in 2023.

According to Nga, the OCOP programme helps confirm the quality of her products, thereby facilitating their sale.

At the same time, the programme supports her to expand her investment and production, thereby providing more jobs for the locals.

Minh Nga fried shrimp rolls

Besides shrimp rolls, Nga and her husband also provide boiled mussels for the markets in Quang Nam and other provinces.

The source of mussels on the Truong Giang River is very abundant, so they can buy and process tonnes of mussels each day, providing several hundred kilogrammes of boiled mussel intestines for the market.

Thanks to the Minh Nga shrimp roll production facility, the locals get more income, improving their living standards.

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Getting rich from local products