Efforts to recover tourism

QNN 20/11/2020 22:07

Quang Nam tourism activities have been frozen during several months of Covid-19 and natural disasters. However, Quang Nam is still making every effort to recover tourist attractions, to be ready for welcoming visitors again.

A beautiful scene in Quang Nam
A beautiful scene in Quang Nam

Restart of tourism activities

A fam-trip delegation of the Department of Tourism, the Centre for Tourism Promotion and travel agencies from Ho Chi Minh city had a visit to Quang Nam. The trip was aimed at surveying and looking for local tourist attractions, connecting with local tourism businesses and carrying out tourism stimulations.

After visiting Vinpearl Nam Hoi An, Hoiana Resort, Cam Thanh nipa palm forest, Anantara Hoi An among others, all members of the delegation shared the same opinion that Quang Nam has a lot of advantages and potential for tourism development, especially in its southern and western parts.

Recovering tourism

It is forecasted that Quang Nam tourism will face a lot of difficulties until the end of 2020 due to bad impacts of Covid-19 and natural disasters. However, Quang Nam is trying to recover tourism activities, making it a safe destination to visit.

One of the models that Quang Nam is pursuing is self-contained tourism services. It is expected to welcome high-spending foreign tourists and becomes a base on which tourism is recovered.

Besides, the plan to recover the local tourism is being prepared, including tourist markets, tourism products and services, information technology application, and tourism stimulation.

Quang Nam tourism first focuses on domestic markets, then on international markets by the end of 2021. At the same time, the province will support travel businesses and agencies to get over difficulties in the time to come.

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Efforts to recover tourism