Vietnamese brands to global market


(QNO) - The export of semi-trailers to the US is considered another passport for Thaco to access the world market. Chu Lai port will be expanded to receive specialized ships

Thaco’s semi-trailers
Thaco’s semi-trailers

Access global market

The first heavy-duty vehicle and semi-trailer factory in Vietnam came into operation on February 15, 2016, after three months of construction by Thaco (Truong Hai Auto Corporation)

It covers an area of 24,000m2 with a capacity of 5000 products a year. Till now, the several shipments of semi-trailers have been exported to Columbia, Korea, the US, Japan, etc.

It is noteworthy that 69 semi-trailers were exported to the US through PITTS Enterprises in 2020.

Then, 870 other semi-trailers are on the journey to the US and expected to dock at the Port of Charleston (South California) by January 2022.

There will also be an expectation of around 40,500 Vietnamese-branded semi-trailers exported to the US from Chu Lai in 2022-2023.

Edgar Coulter Gill- Vice President of Sales at PITTS Enterprises said despite a lot of difficulties and challenges, both Thaco and PITTS will make every effort to find new strategies to make their relationship develop, to provide the North American market with good semi-trailers.

Chu Lai port, Quang Nam province
Chu Lai port, Quang Nam province

He believed that both of them will become the world's leading multimodal semi-trailer providers.

Export strategies

Thaco’s export of semi-trailers to the US shows its production capacity and quality of products which is competitive in the global supply chain.

Thaco believes that the global semi-trailer market size of about USD 19.73 billion in 2020 will be expanded with a compound annual growth rate of about 5.8% by 2028.

The commodity market is increasingly diversified in types, volumes, sizes, etc.

Also according to Thaco, the US is a potential market of semi-trailers in the time to come.

Semi-trailers are considered strategic products for export to the key markets such as North America, Australia, Japan and ASEAN countries.

So, Thaco plans to build a new semi-trailer factory with a capacity of 25,000 products a year. It will be put into operation as of June 2022.

Thaco’s semi-trailers on the journey to the USA
Thaco’s semi-trailers on the journey to the US

The government of Quang Nam province has also decided to keep on dredging Ky Ha port (phase 2) until June 30, 2022, facilitating the import and export of goods through the province.

It is expected that Chu Lai port can receive RORO specialized ships with a tonnage of over 21,000 tons and a length of 200m by early 2022.

At the same time, Thaco and Quang Nam province will make new passages to receive 50,000-ton ships, connecting Vietnamese Central Highlands, Laos, Cambodia, Northern and Southern Vietnam, opening gateway to the East Sea, step by step making Chu Lai port a centre for international import and export freight forwarding with a large output.


Thaco exports 870 semi-trailers to the US market


(QNO) - Truong Hai Auto Corporation (Thaco) organised an exportation ceremony of the 870 semi-trailers to the USA on December 15 in the Dung Quat Economic Zone (Quang Ngai province).