THACO promotes export of semi-trailers to US


VOV.VN - Truong Hai Auto Corporation (THACO) has successfully exported 50 semi-trailers to the United States during the opening days of May, THAOCO has reported.


The consignment came hot on the heels of a recent delivery of the first batch of its 69 similar products.

THACO anticipates that the number of its semi-trailers in the US market this year will increase fivefold following the first year of exporting these products.

The firm signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) regarding the production and distribution of semi-trailers with PITTS Enterprises, one of 15 major semi-trailer manufacturers in the US, in February 2020, after a market survey conducted to gauge the demand and capacities of relevant stakeholders.

Most notably, Dorsey Intermodal, which is a subsidiary of PITTS Enterprises, acts as THACO's representative within the US market.

Dorsey Intermodal has made use of its agent system to distribute and provide warranty for THACO's products, and at the time offer technical support to the company as it strives to produce high-quality products in line with demand from American customers.


Following the successful export of the consignment of 50 semi-trailers to the US, THACO is now devising plans to export an additional 475 products of the same type in June and ahead in the third and fourth quarters of the year.

Along with the US market, Asian countries, particularly Japan, Thailand, and Myanmar, continue to represent potential markets for THACO with an expected output of more than 100 trailers this year, thereby bringing the total export volume of trailers to the US and Asia to 630 products.

By enjoying a preferential tax rate of 0%, it is anticipated that Vietnamese semi-trailers will have great competitive advantages to penetrate the US market and therefore seize upon the opportunity to join in the global supply chain.

Alongside the export of semi-trailers, THACO is deploying a plan to export over 1,500 vehicles of all types, including Kia passenger cars, buses, and trucks to several existing markets this year. This will be done alongside efforts to make inroads into emerging markets in Africa, West Asia, South Asia, and Australia.