(QNO) - THACO INDUSTRIES has been investing in supporting industries on a large scale and equipped with modern technology in order to take part in the supply chain of OEM components for FDI enterprises and for export.

3,200-ton plastic injection moulding machine
3,200-ton plastic injection moulding machine

Strategy development

From the nearly-20-year experience of manufacturing components and spare parts, THACO INDUSTRIES has participated in the all-in supply chain of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components in different sectors, including automotive, motorcycle, civil engineering, industry, agriculture. THACO INDUSTRIES’ strategy is providing all-in services of designs, products, and consultancy for businesses.

THACO INDUSTRIES has a large production scale, including: R&D Centre, Mechanical Centre and spare parts production division.

The factories and plants are equipped with a system of modern technology lines, meeting international standards, such as: slitting line - sheet cutting, Fiber laser cutting machine, 1000 ton hydraulic press, 5-axis bed milling machine, water jet cutting robots, painting robots, 3,200 tons plastic injection moulding machine, and automatic heat treatment line.

This helps better the Group’s production capacity. Moreover, THACO INDUSTRIES takes good advantage of THACO’s supporting industries such as logistics, automobile manufacturing and assembly to increase its competitiveness in the local and global markets.

Participation in global value chain

THACO INDUSTRIES has achieved the dual goal of being both a domestic supplier of OEM components and an exporter.

THACO INDUSTRIES provides OEM components meeting global standards.

They include automotive spare parts, household electronics, furniture, construction equipment, industrial plastics, and agricultural supplies.

Key overseas markets of THACO INDUSTRIES are North America, Northern Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Israel.

THACO INDUSTRIES’ mechanical centre and plants
THACO INDUSTRIES’ mechanical centre and plants

THACO INDUSTRIES has planned to upgrade its production technology, enlarge the factories, develop more projects on civil and industrial components.

At the same time, the Group invests in mechanical and supporting industrial parks in the North and the South to integrate advantages, optimize logistics costs, and improve the operational efficiency of the value chain.

In the time to come, THACO INDUSTRIES will cooperate with local and global associations for its growth.


THACO INDUSTRIES and global supply chain


(QNO) - THACO INDUSTRIES  has pioneered in high-tech mechanical engineering, promoting joint ventures and association to improve mechanical processing capacity and autonomy in production, participating in deep into the global supply chain.

THACO's export of 150cc Peugeot Django motor scooters to ASEAN


(QNO) - A batch of 1500cc Peugeot Django motor scooters was exported by THACO AUTO to the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Cambodia through Tien Sa port (Da Nang city).

THACO to assemble BMW cars


(QNO) - BMW AG and its partner THACO announced the localization of German cars in Vietnam on December 5th, 2022.