Start of clean industry


(QNO) - Hi-tech industry in combination with urbanisation and trade-service is the target for Quang Nam Northern development, helping limit negative impacts on the environment.

Clean production in Quang Nam
Clean production in Quang Nam

Overcoming limitations

Hoi An, Dien Ban and Duy Xuyen are identified as the dynamic region of Northern Quang Nam, where there are a lot of advantages for the development of industry, trade and services.

However, the industrial development in the region has caused environmental pollution that has bad influence on local tourism and services.

So in 2020, a lot of factories and plants causing environmental contamination and/or destroying the urban beauties were relocated to other places or not agreed to a renewal of land lease.

The regional economic restructuring, namely in Duy Xuyen disrict, was transferred to indutrial services from agricultural services.

Catching trends

Quang Nam tends not to attract any projects that make ill effects on the environment.

The industrial development in the provincial northern dynamic cluster should be associated with urbanisation and tourism- service development.

It is noteworthy that over 10% of the area of the Dien Nam- Dien Ngoc Industrial Park is arranged to plant trees in order to reduce dust and noise.

Similarly, trees are planted in the Thanh Ha industrial park (Hoi An city). It is reported that the industrial parks and clusters in Quang Nam are only focusing on attracting the projects on clean and hi-tech industries.


An expectation of hi-tech agriculture


(QNO) - Quang Nam has a great expectation of hi-tech agricultural development, meeting the need of quality for global integration of Quang Nam agricultural products.