Quang Nam: Plans for economic recovery and growth


(QNO) - Despite negative impacts of Covid-19 on the provincial economy in 2021, Quang Nam provincial Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) increased by 5.04% over 2020, ranking 31st in the country and 2nd in the region.

Chu Lai Open Economic Zone
Chu Lai Open Economic Zone


The numbers showed a recovery of Quang Nam economy with its size of over VND 102,654 billion that ranked 18th in the country.

In particular, industry and construction had a significant recovery with a growth rate of 7.78%. Industry alone increased by 9.07%. Agriculture, forestry and fishery maintained a stable increase of 3.56%.

Budget revenue in 2021 was over VND 23,773 billion, exceeding 23% of the estimate and increasing by 11% compared to 2020. Revenue structure also changed positively; it was less dependent on key products such as automobiles.

The total investment capital was VND 30,342 billion, up 5.6% over the same period of 2020 and accounting for nearly 30% of GRDP. The total import and export turnover reached USD 3.5 billion, up 25.3% over the previous year.

The achievements mentioned above resulted from the local effective Covid-19 prevention and control, the provincial government’s timely help and support.

Plan for recovery and development

2022 is the time to mark the 25-year journey of construction and development since the re-establishment of Quang Nam (1997-2022), gradually opening the economy in a state of safe and flexible adaptation.

Hoi Abn ancient town
Hoi Abn ancient town

The provincial target in 2022 is 7.5-8% of growth. And Quang Nam will become a well-developed province by 2030.

To reach the targets, Quang Nam has actively made a plan for socioeconomic recovery and growth in the new normal until 2023. It focuses on five key groups of solutions.

Firstly, it is the improvement to the capacity of medical facilities that makes sure of the smooth and effective operation the local health-care system. At the same time, vaccinations against Covid-19 have to be given according to schedule to acquire herd immunity.

Secondly, solutions are implemented to support enterprises and businesses under negative impacts of Covid-19, creating favourable conditions for investment, production and business.

Thirdly, it is tourism recovery and development in the new normal. The regional linkage in tourism development is promoted.

There will be proper plan to receive both local and international tourists. The province is carefully preparing for the National Tourism Year 2022.


Green growth, key for sustainable development


(QNO) - Quang Nam pursues the path of sustainable development via green- criterion- based tourism recovery and eco- industrial models.

Changes from industrial development


(QNO) - Several industrial parks have been built and put into operation in Quang Nam, contributing to local job creation and socio-economic development after 25 years of re-establishing the province.

Southern Quang Nam tourism development


(QNO) - Southern Quang Nam is a region with rich potential for tourism development, including both natural and cultural resources and convenient transportation. So, it is necessary to seek solutions to tourism sector in this region.