Quang Nam areca nuts go abroad


(QNO) - Dried areca nuts- a product from the countrysides of Quang Nam province bring high economic values and are on the way to abroad.

Tran Thi Luan
Tran Thi Luan

Tran Thi Luan, Director of the Tien Phuoc Dried Areca Cooperative is the woman bringing Quang Nam dried areca nuts to international markets.

The cooperative develops from 9 members at its beginning to 29 now, providing jobs for around 30- 80 local people.

Raw areca nuts are collected from over 200 households in Tien Phuoc and its neighbours. The cooperative exports about 400-500 tons of diried areca nuts every year.

The Tien Phuoc Dried Areca Cooperative was founded in 2018 with the aim of raising the values of Tien Phuoc areca.

The cooperative is equipped with modern technology used for preliminary treatment of and drying areca nuts to minimise the bad impacts on the natural environment.

The dried areca nuts from the Tien Phuoc Dried Areca Cooperative are mainly exported to India and China. Hundreds of tons of dried areca nuts are exported every year.

The cooperative is planning to raise the values of areca, a local typical product, by investing in deep- processing technology, producing other products from areca such as candy for export.

Reportedly, the Tien Phuoc Dried Areca Cooperative has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the projects on Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation in Vietnam.

Categorisation of areca nuts
Categorisation of areca nuts

The agreement aims at improving the cooperative’s institutional and organizational capacities, encouraging local households to join the areca value chain, improving business efficiency, increasing the locals’ income, and reducing pressure on forest resources.

In addition, the Tien Phuoc Dried Areca Cooperative is planning to cultivate local areca seedlings to preserve the precious genetic resource of Tien Phuoc areca, expanding the production scale and the area of planting arecas.

Leaders of Tien Lanh commune (Tien Phuoc district) promise to facilitate the operation of the Tien Phuoc Dried Areca Cooperative.


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