Ngoc Linh ginseng development


(QNO) - Quang Nam is focusing on applying science and technology to improve both quantity and quality of Ngoc Linh ginseng, develop its value chain, which is considered a solution for the development of Ngoc Linh ginseng brand.

A garden of Ngoc Linh ginseng seedlings in Tra Linh commune
A garden of Ngoc Linh ginseng seedlings in Tra Linh commune

Capacity of ginseng seedling production

The improvement of Ngoc Linh ginseng seedling quantity and quality is aimed at preserving the species of ginseng, and developing the national ginseng brand as well.

The solution is an increase of seed ratio and quality on mother plants. The ginseng seeds and seedlings are biotechnologically processed, cultivated and relocated to other places with similar climate and soil in order to conserve precious genetic resources.

Therefore, the ratio of seed germination and seedling survival has remarkably gone up. The ginseng trees have also developed better, contributing to the conservation and development of Ngoc Linh ginseng.

The Centre for Ngoc Linh Ginseng and Medicinal Herbs of Quang Nam is currently cooperating with the Ha Noi Research Centre for Cultivation and Processing of Medicinal Plants, and three others to start the project on the process improvement of Ngoc Linh ginseng seed- based seedling production on industrial scale.

The ginseng seedlings should be proper for Quang Nam climate and soil. The project is under the programme of national ginseng products, starting in July 2021 and ending by July 2027.

There are three methods for multiplication: by seeds, by tissue transplant, and by shoots. Seeding is regarded the best way of all.

Development of ginseng value chain

Using science and technology for ginseng multiplication and conservation contributes to the development of its value chain and its brand.

At the same time, science and technology are also considered a solution to the problems of sustainable production, environmental protection, forest preservation, and climate change response.

In the process of Ngoc Linh ginseng multiplication and relocation, its quality should be maintained, creating a premise for researching and growing ginseng in the places of lower height, ensuring raw material resources for the national ginseng industry.

Quang Nam and its partners are making every effort to develop the brand of Ngoc Linh ginseng.

The governmental approval of the project on Ngoc Linh ginseng conservation and development towards 2030 has facilitated the local infrastructure construction and upgrade in Quang Nam, attracting investment in Ngoc Linh ginseng cultivation and conservation, improving the locals’ income, contributing to the local poverty alleviation.

Vietnam ginseng industry is trying to become one of the national key economic sectors by 2045, putting Ngoc Linh ginseng on par with Korean ginseng.


Relocation of Ngoc Linh ginseng to Tay Giang


(QNO) - One thousand Ngoc Linh ginseng seedlings have recently been moved to Ch’Om commune of Tay Giang district from Nam Tra My.