Launch of The Trident City


(QNO) - The kick off ceremony of The Trident City- an international urban area located in Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province) took place on March 2, 2022.

Kick off ceremony of The Trident City
Kick off ceremony of The Trident City

The Trident City is considered a good connection relating to economy, culture, and marine tourism.

It is expected to create a boom in the real estate market in the eastern region of Tam Ky city in 2022.

The international urban area The Trident City is formed with an aspiration of expanding urban areas to the beaches, bettering the quality of life, creating a modern living space harmonious with nature.

The Trident City is the only place in Tam Ky city to escape from the risk of flooding; so, it is chosen to be home to important constructions and the future urban area.

At the same time, The Trident City will become a key economic region, facilitating the connection between Tam Ky city, the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, and Phu Ninh tourist area.

Reportedly, The Trident City is an urban area meeting green standard with 62% of green space and public constructions such as amusement park, international bilingual education system, high-class healthcare system and so on.