Improvement to agri-product export competitiveness


(QNO) - A multimodal logistics service network has been perfected by Truong Hai International Logistics Limited Liability Company (THILOGI) in order to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the global market.

THILOGI at Chu Lai port
THILOGI at Chu Lai port

As a company collecting export agricultural products in Central Vietnam, the Central Highlands, Laos, and Cambodia, THILOGI focuses on developing an all-in-one logistics service model for exported agricultural products, including transportation, exporting procedures, inspection, goods declaration, warehousing, and maintenance.

THILOGI’s optimal transportation and storage plans and superior after-sales policies help customers save costs and increase the competitiveness of the products.

THILOGI has a fleet of vehicles with specialised refrigerated containers, ensuring that agricultural products are always in good condition.

Besides, the system of warehouses and depots (15,500m2) at Bo Y border gate and the warehouse at Chu Lai port (12,500m2) contribute to perfecting the cold chain in preliminary processing, classification, storage, transportation, and export, maintaining the quality of agricultural products, and making the services convenient for customers.

THILOGI has 3 road transport branches in Hanoi, Gia Lai, and Dong Nai, developing a logistics system across the country linking domestic and cross-border road networks.

The company is planning and upgrading infrastructure, investing in vehicles and equipment in concentrated agricultural areas, connecting roads, waterways, and airways in order to promote the overall strength of local and international logistics.

Along with the new routes, including Bo Keo (Ratanakiri, Cambodia) and National Highway 14E (Quang Nam), which are being upgraded and expanded, THILOGI will put into operation transfer stations in Ba To (Quang Ngai) and Phuoc Son (Quang Nam).

They will contribute to connecting the entire shipping route across the country, shortening the time to transport goods from Laos and Cambodia to Chu Lai port.

Agricultural products transported through the Nam Giang-Dak Ta Ook border gate by THILOGI
Agricultural products transported through the Nam Giang-Dak Ta Ook border gate by THILOGI

Moreover, THILOGI will be provided with more than 50 tractors and semi-trailers (phase 1), arranging vehicles with proper capacity for each road.

THILOGI is continuously investing in infrastructure synchronously, expanding and consolidating the warehouse system, linking stations across the country, connecting the agricultural export chain, cooperating with major local and international shipping lines, and stabilising the shipping rate.

Thereby, it contributes to the connection and enhances the role of logistics in raising the competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products in the world market.

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