High-tech poultry farming


(QNO) - Digital transformation is being encouraged and supported in farming management in Quang Nam to solve the problems of environmental protection, traceability, and building the linkage.

A high-tech chicken farm in Quang Nam
A high-tech chicken farm in Quang Nam

Binh Minh chicken farm, located in Vinh Trinh hamlet (Duy Hoa commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province), is the first farm to bring about digital transformation in Quang Nam.

The farm with modern equipment is automatically recording and publicising its input and output data. At the same time, the environmental problems are solved effectively.

At Binh Minh chicken farm, there are 60,000 laying hens raised in houses with air-conditioners which keep the houses always cool to meet the chickens’ physiological characteristics.

Besides, the chickens live in an environment of sweet music so that they are relaxed and give good eggs. By using biological padding, the farm has a safe and clean environment.

Reportedly, Quang Nam is always accompanying and supporting businesses and farms with their products, designing, electronic stamps, registration of codes and barcodes, building e-farms, etc.

There are now 402 cattle and poultry farms of different sizes in Quang Nam. They operate in groups, clubs or cooperatives, which is considered to be effective.

So, digital transformation will help them deeply access the market economy, better the locals’ income and develop sustainable farming. 


Tam Ky City Community Digital Library


(QNO) - The Tam Ky city community digital library opened in 24/3 Square in Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province) on April 21 contributes to the local development of reading culture, lifelong learning movement and positive social connection.

Tam Ky public digital library opened


(QNO) - The start of Tam Ky public digital library and activities to respond to the Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day (April 21) and the National Start-up Year - Quang Nam 2023 took place on the morning of April 21.

Digitalisation of Japanese Covered Bridge data


(QNO) - During the restoration of Japanese Covered Bridge (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province), local residents and visitors can go sightseeing, doing religious rites at this relic.