Chu Lai- Truong Hai port: an expected international shipping hub


(QNO) - The infrastructure at Chu Lai- Truong Hai port including the harbour, warehouse and routes will be improved and enlarged in hope of becoming an international transportation centre for import and export goods.

Chu Lai- Truong Hai port
Chu Lai- Truong Hai port

Logistics capacities

Currently, Chu Lai- Truong Hai port is capaple of receiving 50,000-ton ships with its modern large warehouse system that is meeting European standards convenient for storing, loading and unloading cargo.

Chu Lai – Truong Hai Shipping Co.Ld (Thilogi) is using domestic shipping routes through domestic fleets. Besides, Thilogi copperates with

major shipping lines in the world such as CMA CGM, APL, ZIM, SICT, and COSCO to open direct maritime routes between Chu Lai and some major ports in China, South Korea, Japan, and India.

There are at least four major international shipping lines docking at the port every week.

It is reported that the infrastructure of Chu Lai- Trung Hai port is invested and developed synchronously and professionally with a digital-managed warehouse system.

Moreover, there is a linkage between the port and shipping lines, seaports, airports, customs and means of transport to help customers get the information of their goods quickly and accurately.

Therefore, Thilogi has a great competative advantage.

Competitive advantages

Chu Lai- Truong Hai port can take the initiative in its sources of goods thanks to its good position.

It is easy to connect the port with industrial parks and economic zones in Central Vietnam and Central Highland, South Laos, North Cambodia.

It is also a gateway to the East sea for Northeast Asia. The short distance to the port and the  ability to associate with international shipping lines are Thilogi’s advantages.

Besides, Thilogi always provides goods for shipping lines to limit the empty containers coming back, helping reduce the shipping fee.

In the Thilogi’s strategic plan, transport routes from Chu Lai- Truong Hai port will be upgraded and developed in the next 3 years. Hopefully, the port will become an international shipping hub.