Chu Lai- Driving force of the eastern region of Quang Nam


(QNO) - Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ) has created an important driving force for the development of the eastern region of Quang Nam province, promoting the provincial economic growth.

Chu Lai- Truong Hai port
Chu Lai- Truong Hai port

Projects in Chu Lai

There are now 170 projects with a total capital of VND 112 trillion, equivalent to USD 5.2 billion in the Chu Lai OEZ. USD 688 million of the registered capital are from 46 FDI projects. 127 projects have come into operation.

To help the Chu Lai OEZ develop, Quang Nam has stepped up improving the quality of road, maritime and aviation infrastructure.

In particular, several dynamic projects have been implemented such as Chu Lai- Truong Hai seaport, Da Nang - Quang Ngai coastal route, gas-electricity and post-gas energy centre, and Chu Lai airport.

Besides, there are a lot of major projects in Chu Lai, including 31 projects on automobile manufacturing and assembling, auto parts manufacturing and mechanical engineering belonging to Truong Hai Automobile Joint Stock Company; 24 projects of Hyosung Company, Panko Company, Ducksan Company, Moon Chang Company (Korea), Company Aman (Germany).

18 of them have been put into operation, recruiting over 10,000 employees.

Development orientation

The Chu Lai OEZ will be re-planned in accordance with the current development requirements. Key project groups will be rearranged and new project groups will be proposed, focusing on industry, tourism, trade - services, logistics and urbanisation.

Besides, there will be policies and institutions for non-tariff zones and logistics services, for high-tech industrial parks in order to promote the synchronous and sustainable development in accordance with the criteria for green and eco-friendly development.

In addition, the Chu Lai OEZ needs to invest in the main traffic infrastructure system to be able to receive 50,000-ton ships and to develop a maritime logistics centre, commercial and tourist ports.

Nucleus of eastern region

Currently, the Chu Lai OEZ consists of 8 industrial parks and clusters. 6 of them have come into operation.

So, the Chu Lai OEZ is considered the nucleus of the Central and Highland key economic region.

It will be the place for urban development; building a centre for automobile and supporting industries; developing the centres for mechanical, electrical and petrochemical products, and high-tech agriculture.

Besides, the Chu Lai OEZ will become one of the important hubs for international transportation, trade and exchange in the Central and Central Highlands, the gateway to the East Sea for the Central Highlands, Southern Laos, North-eastern Cambodia and Thailand.

So, it will be a place with important strategic positions in terms of national security and defence.

As a result, the Chu Lai OEZ plays an important role in the development of Quang Nam in general and its eastern region in particular.

The province will have a development plan for the eastern region to ensure higher economic efficiency, in association with environmental protection, cultural preservation, and social stability.

Quang Nam will have strategies for investment attraction, facilitating the development of private projects via administrative reform, business supporting policies and transparent investment environment in order to make it an important growth pole of Vietnam as of 2025.