Changes from industrial development


(QNO) - Several industrial parks have been built and put into operation in Quang Nam, contributing to local job creation and socio-economic development after 25 years of re-establishing the province.

Workers in a production factor in Quang Nam
Workers in a production factor in Quang Nam

By 2021, there were 2 economic zones (Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Nam Giang Border Gate Economic Zone) and 13 industrial parks with 225 projects (75 foreign investment projects) in Quang Nam. The total export value of them reached US$843 million.

In the past 3 years,  industry averagely contributed 13 trillion VND to the state budget each year and created more than 61,000 jobs.

It can be affirmed that industrial parks have created an important boost in stable socio-economic development of Quang Nam province.

According to Mr. Le Vu Thuong - Director of the Management Board of Economic Zones and Industrial Parks in Quang Nam province, industrial and economic zones are also to shift the local economic structure from agriculture to industry and services.

Mr. Thuong said, Quang Nam authorities unbind the businesses’ difficulties and attract investment via improvement of administrative procedures,  investment promotion, investment environment.

Quang Nam continues to call for investment in it southern and eastern regions, especially in automobile production, multi-use mechanics, hi-tech, Chu Lai sea port and logistics.


Quang Nam: Economic restructuring


(QNO) - Quang Nam provinvce has been making every effort to foster economic innovation, creating a breakthrough in its economic structure to become a well-developed province in the region.