Branding OCOP agricultural products


(QNO) - The recognition of Bana Snack and Nhu Y Agarwood as Quang Nam provincial 4-star OCOP products in 2022 will become a good launch for the development of agricultural products from Tien Phuoc.

Bana Snack- a 4-star OCOP product in 2022
Bana Snack- a 4-star OCOP product in 2022

Bana Snack and Nhu Y Agarwood are among several agricultural products from Tien Phuoc which have been recognised as three or four-star products of Quang Nam in 2022.

Tien Phuoc is relatively rich in bananas but the residents there earn just a little from selling bananas. Because of poor conditions in harvesting and processing, bananas are usually sold at low prices.

Therefore, Dat Quang Green Agriculture Cooperative was born in hope of solving the banana output in Tien Phuoc.

The cooperative is now cooperating with 17 households to grow bananas, providing jobs for the locals. Besides, Dat Quang Green Agriculture Cooperative also helps consume bananas from people in the neighbourhood.

Several banana products made by Dat Quang Green Agriculture Cooperative are sold in supermarkets for clean agricultural products nationwide, at some international airports including Da Nang and Chu Lai. They are rather popular with visitors, especially foreigners.

Cloudy vein agarwood is another provincial 4-star OCOP product in 2022. It is one of the new products of Nhu Y Agarwood Cooperative in Tien Phuoc district.

The cooperative has been equipped with modern machines to diversify its agarwood products, to help increase the values of Tien Phuoc agarwood.

Nhu Y agarwood products are diversified, including monolithic agarwood, strings of agarwood beads, agarwood incense, and agarwood buds.

Production of Nhu Y Agarwood
Production of Nhu Y Agarwood

They are now sold both at home and abroad. Nhu Y agarwood products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan and they are popular with customers there. Currently, they are introduced to India and Arab.

The cooperative has planned to develop its agarwood products to reach European standards in order to export them to this market.


OCOP House in Hoi An


(QNO) - OCOP House has been set up by start-up Dinh Cong Quan to display and sell OCOP (One Commune, One Product) products in Quang Nam province.