Automatic rice-paper making system


(QNO) - Nguyen Hoang Viet and his peers was successful in inventing an automatic rice-paper making system with closed technological processes, contributing to improving the quality of Dai Loc rice paper and expanding its market.

Rice-paper made by using calorifer
Rice-paper made by using calorifer

Nguyen Hoang Viet inherently worked in the mechanical industry where he had chances to access machines related to processing starch.

So, he and his peers nourished a dream of an automatic rice-paper making machine to save time and efforts to make rice paper.

After carefully studying the traditional processes and stages of making rice paper, Viet and his peers has designed and assembled a complete line consisting of different machines taking responsibility for different production stages.

The first batch of rice paper under the brand BADALOC was bought on the occasion of the Tet holiday 2023 by Viet’s group.

According to Viet, his group is improving their production system so that their products of rice paper are always of the best quality. The capacity of their production line is now 1.5 tons a day.

They are making every effort to improve production capacity, introduce and advertise their products (including rice paper and dried noodles) through product display at fairs nationwide. At the same time, they aim for a provincial OCOP product.

Connecting Quang Nam start-ups with investors


(QNO) - A seminar on connecting Quang Nam start-ups with investors/investment funds has just been oragnised in Quang Nam province.

Green start-ups in Quang Nam


(QNO) - Green start-up is very significant for Quang Nam to perfect its plan for green and sustainable development.