Attractions of OCOP products


(QNO) - Consumers are more and more interested in OCOP (One commune-one product) products and willing to spend heavily on them.

 Consumers at the fair. Photo:
The Ha Noi Agricultural and OCOP Products Fair 2023, which took place between the 8th to 11th of June, was attractive to thousands of customers.

More than 1000 agricultural and 3-5 star OCOP products were brought to the event, including Cordyceps, tea, dairy products, swallow’s nest, vermicelli, noodles, coffee, spices, dried food, beef spring rolls, agarwood, and honey. They came from 20 provinces and cities, Quang Nam and Da Nang included.

Agricultural and OCOP products at the fair
Agricultural and OCOP products at the fair. 

OCOP products and regional specialities were of the capital consumers’ concern because of its reasonable prices and good quality.

OCOP products were priorly chosen because of their food safety guarantee, good quality, and clear origin.

OCOP products at My Son Sanctuary


(QNO) - The OCOP (One Commune, One Product) space has just been opened in the area of My Son Sanctuary. 

OCOP products go abroad


(QNO) - A lot of Quang Nam’s COCP products have been exported. Most of them are unofficial quota exports or done via international e-commerce platforms, which shows the local products’ capability of accessing choosy markets.