Application of science and technology to medicinal herb production


(QNO) - The application of science and technology to the planting of Angelica acutiloba, jiaogulan, and red sage promises to help people in Nam Tra My district improve their livelihood and with sustainable poverty alleviation.

Red sage. Photo: tudienbenhhoc

The project on applying science and technology to set up a model of planting Angelica acutiloba, jiaogulan, and red sage in Nam Tra My is financed with over 4.7 billion VND. 

It is in the programme of promoting socio-economic development in rural, mountainous and ethnic minority areas in the 2016-2025 period through supporting technology transfer.

According to Nam Tra My Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the project has received 9 technological processes which are successfully applied to multiplication, cultivation, harvesting, preliminary processing and preservation of medicinal herbs.

The project includes three gardens, one for Angelica acutiloba covering an area of 25 hundred square metres, a 15- hundred- square- meter one for jiaogulan, and 3000 square metres for red sage.

At the same time, there are three 10-hectare models for medicinal herb production, three others for preliminary processing, and a storage space.

The production of medicinal herbs brings more economic benefits to the locals than planting maize or rice. It is identified as a sustainable solution to the local poverty.

The project is of necessity and practical significance, contributing to local poverty alleviation.

The project will provide the locals with stable livelihood. It is necessary to think about the post- project period so that the models can be enlarged.

The project should focus on the quality of the products during the process of planting, harvesting, preliminary processing, and storing. It is also necessary to have a proper plan to develop the project.

Medicinal herbs in Panan


(QNO) - Medicinal herbs are processed by Mr. Pham Quoc Phong to become different types of tea under a trade name of Panan.