An expectation of hi-tech agriculture


(QNO) - Quang Nam has a great expectation of hi-tech agricultural development, meeting the need of quality for global integration of Quang Nam agricultural products.

Hi-tech agriculture in Quang Nam
Hi-tech agriculture in Quang Nam

An over 451-hectare industrial park specialising in forestry and agriculture has been built in Tam Anh Nam, Nui Thanh district by Truong Hai Auto Corporation.

The industrial park received an investment of VND-8,118 billion in its infrastructure in order to do researches on agricultural seeds and materials, biotechnology, organic closed-cycle agriculture.

Accordingly, mechanisation and digital management are synchronously applied in the hi-tech agricultural park.

Besides, there are experimental breeding areas, warehouses specialized in protecting fruit, fruit processing factories, etc.

The park is also a place for investors to supply raw materials and process woods imported or harvested from material growing areas in Central Vietnam, Central Highlands, Laos and Cambodia.

This hi-tech agricultural park wants to attract more and more farmers to the linkage chain, step by step improve the brand name of its agricultural and forestry products, and increase farmers’ income.

Truong Thanh hi-tech agricultural cooperative
Truong Thanh hi-tech agricultural cooperative

It is expected that 90% of its products can be exported to the high-end market segment in China, and fastidious countries such as the US, Japan, and South Korea.

So far, there have been some other hi-tech agricultural projects investing in Quang Nam, including QNTEK Company, Nam My hi-tech aquaculture company in Thang Binh district, Truong Thanh hi-tech agricultural cooperative in Phu Ninh district.

Another project, the Eastern Quang Nam hi-tech industrial park has been approved by Quang Nam leaders.

The VND3.3 trillion project will be built in Binh Duong commune, Thang Binh district. It mainly includes a 22.18-hectare support area, a 16.27-hectare centre for research and general services, and a 175.78-hectare farm.

However, it is necessary to have the state support via mechanisms and policies to promote the development of hi-tech agriculture, and to encourage and create momentum for sustainable agricultural development.


Hi-tech mushroom production


Nguyen Huu Nghia owns a farm of Antler Ganoderma lucidum and Xerula radicata, two new types of mushroom in Quang Nam that have high economic values.