Acceleration of key investment projects in Quang Nam


Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People's Committee Le Tri Thanh came to a conclusion regarding the implementation progress of key investment projects in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ) at the meeting with Thaco' s leaders.

Thaco's factory
Thaco's factory

Accordingly, the expansion project on Chu Lai Truong Hai Automotive Mechanical Industrial Park covering an area of 115 hectares should be submitted to Prime Minister soon.

At the same time, Thaco should have proper mechanisms of investment cooperation, creating favourable conditions for other investors, especially those in Quang Nam province, to join the production chain, forming a national centre for multipurpose mechanical industries in Chu Lai OEZ.

The provincial Management Board of economic zones and industrial parks is responsible for monitoring and coordinating with investors and related parties.

At the same time, the Board acts as a counsellor for the provincial People's Committee in case of requirements from the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

In terms of the 451-hectare Thaco Chu Lai Agro-Forestry Industrial Park, Mr. Thanh asked the People's Committee of Nui Thanh district to arrange more professional staffs to promptly handle the problems related to land, compensation and site clearance, speeding up the implementation of project.

The provincial People's Committee also decided to maintain the population size of the Chu Lai urban area which is covering an area of over 329 hectares.

Mr. Thanh also suggested that THACO think of the Tam Hoa- Tam Tien urban area project and soon submit its proposal for approval.

The provincial Management Board of economic zones and industrial parks is assigned to work with THACO to adjust the general planning of Nam Giang borfer gate economic zone and submit for Prime Minister’s consideration.

Also, the projects on upgrading National Highway 14E and 14D through Quang Nam should be carried out to synchronise the provincial traffic infrastructure, facilitating the travel and freight through the Nam Giang International Border Gate.