Digitalisation in agriculture

Translated by HO THU May 16, 2024 22:43

(QNO) - A webinar on the digitalisation of the Vietnamese agricultural sector took place on the afternoon of May 14.

Scene of the webinar in Quang Nam

Present at the event were Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang and leaders of relevant ministries, services, and localities. In Quang Nam, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tran Ut, presided over the event.

Agricultural digitalisation, the application of information technology and digital technology in agriculture, has recently achieved some remarkable results.

The irrigation industry has developed a digital transformation platform that is used to supply domestic water and water for production. At the same time, it helps to ensure the safety of dams and irrigation reservoirs.

Meanwhile, crop production has applied the systems of automatic irrigation, drip irrigation, and automatic temperature adjustment in greenhouses and nethouses to save labour costs and water resources, but also to increase crop productivity.

In the livestock industry, several farms have applied sensor systems to control the microclimate in barns and feed and supply water to livestock automatically.

At the same time, digitalisation helps to seek animals’ origin and sell products through e-transactions, IoT, and big data, such as MimosaTEK and SmartAgri.

A hi-tech agricultural model in Quang Nam

In forestry, technology has been applied in forest product management, the large-scale wood processing industry, early detection and warning of forest fires, deforestation, and forest degradation.

The fishery industry has used the cruise monitoring system and Vnfishbase software to manage fishing vessels and support fishermen’s exploitation on the sea.

Several aquaculture facilities have applied biotechnology to select and create new varieties by cross-breeding.

Online selling of agricultural products

In Quang Nam, the agricultural sector has implemented digital transformation in many fields relatively synchronously, including the software for natural disaster prevention and natural disaster management.

At the same time, Quang Nam has received more than 20 accounts using specialised software and databases for agricultural management and rural development.

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Digitalisation in agriculture