Stone and Yorda

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(QNO) - Tran Thanh Dieu (37 years old) has made acquaintance with stone products incidentally. When his love of stone is deep enough, he decides to start his business with natural stone.

Long road to stone

Tran Thanh Dieu was born and grew up in Tam Thanh fishing village but he has not followed the traditional career in his homeland. He left his home village to Ho Chi Minh city with a hope of a comfortable life. At first, he worked very hard to earn living. Then he had a chance to work for an export wood company specializing interior design. At that time, he took advantage of the opportunity to study design and make a career in business. During the time of marketing wood products, he found a great demand for stone products in Europe and some other markets. Therefore, he made every effort to create some models of stone products and they were highly appreciated by his customers.

Love of stone and start-up

Cooperating with one of his friends, he opened a company specializing in natural stone products when his chance came. His love of stone encouraged Tran Thanh Dieu to keep on his study and creating more appreciated stone products. As a result, his company won the contract to provide Furama Resort (Da Nang city) with natural stone products in interior design including bathroom facilities. It was a big contract but his company was small; so he faced a lot of difficulties, mainly the financial one during the time of executing the contract.

The experiences from the contract with Furama and others later led him to open his own company named Yorda in 2014. It is based at 244B Le Van Hien, Da Nang city.

Yorda trade name

When Yorda products become more and more well-known and popular with customers, it attracts big companies’ attention. Some green tea manufacturing and processing companies in Bao Loc (Lam Dong province) have ordered tea grinders. In big demands of the market, Tran Thanh Dieu and his co-workers spent 3 years studying, designing, adjusting and completing the tea grinder in Yorda brand name. Its quality is considered to be equivalent to a Japanese one, meeting the domestic and international standards. Besides the tea grinders, Yorda has produced some others used to grind cocoa beans, grain, vegetables, medicinal plants… It can be said that Yorda products are now having a full confidence from its customers at home and abroad.