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Business connection in Central Vietnam

Translated by QUOC HUNG Mar 02, 2024 11:07

(QNO) - An event to connect businesses in Central Vietnam has just been organised in Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province on February 29 by Business Network International (BNI). More than 300 businesses from Da Nang, Quang Ngai, and Quang Nam took part in the event.

Businesses in Central Vietnam at the event

Mr. Nguyen The Vien - Chairman of the BNI Kaizen chapter (Quang Nam) said BNI is an organization that connects trade between businesses in the same locality and spreads a wide network to provinces and cities nationwide. It also contributes to exporting products when connecting with chapters abroad.

The event is an opportunity to connect trade, investment between Quang Nam businesses and businesses in the neighbouring localities, and vice versa.

Businesses in Central Vietnam introduce their products .

Mr. Nguyen Duy Thanh - Chairman of Bao Tran Production Investment Joint Stock Company (in the fields of bird's nest and agarwood) is one of the first people to bring BNI to Tam Ky city.

Recently, this company has received trade opportunities from BNI members with a revenue of about 15 billion VND.

Business exchange

BNI has also created business opportunities for other members in Quang Nam with a revenue of about 12 billion VND. Therefore, Thanh said, BNI contributes to supporting businesses to overcome difficulties and grow more.

Mr. Le Huy Thien - Director of Hung Thien Construction and Trading Company Limited and President of a chapter in Da Nang city, shared, “At BNI, we have built a foundation of trust. BNI members commit to sincerity and transparency in production and business activities, and connection with the remaining members. We hope to accompany Quang Nam businesses to develop together”.

Tens of billions of VND are traded through connections in BNI.

On this occasion, the Kaizen chapter, which includes more than 50 members, received platinum status, affirming the organization's classy position globally, increasing its reputation and opportunities for international business connections.

The Kaizen chapter was established in July 2023. Recently, the chapter provided more than 1,500 business opportunities and brought in revenue of about 70 billion VND.

Chapter Kaizen receives platinum status.
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Business connection in Central Vietnam