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Biodiversity conservation in Dam River

Translated by CAM HY 12/05/2024 08:42

(QNO) - The Vietnam National Museum of Nature proposes the establishment of a provincial-level wetland conservation area for Dam River (Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province) to conserve the biodiversity in this area.
The conference aims to study biodiversity and propose management solutions, conservation.

Dam River spans 200 hectares across the communes of Tam Thang, Tam Phu, and An Phu ward. Bai Say, with over 40 hectares, has an average depth of 1.6 meters and is considered a "green lung" with a highly diverse ecosystem.

At the biodiversity and eco-tourism management workshop for Dam River, scientists from the Vietnam National Museum of Nature revealed surprising and interesting findings.

According to Associate Professor Dr. Vu Tien Chinh, the project leader, the research focuses on synthesizing biodiversity assessments at Dam River and determining biodiversity indices for each group of flora and fauna.

Through quantitative survey methods along transects, the study identified 81 vertebrate species, 214 invertebrate species, and 203 plant species at Dam River.
Associate Professor Dr. Vu Tien Chinh presented some images of the stork species to emphasize the biodiversity of Dam River.

Mr. Chinh noted a decline in Dam River's water levels over recent years, affecting biodiversity. He attributed this to pollution from industrial waste, local pesticide use, direct dumping, and overexploitation of fauna.
Dam River is currently under strict management and protection by Tam Ky City.

Based on their research, scientists from the Vietnam National Museum of Nature propose promptly establishing a provincial wetland conservation area linked with sustainable eco-tourism development at the Dam River.

This initiative aims to address biodiversity decline and attract international conservation investment.

According to Associate Professor Dr. Vu Van Lien, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Museum of Nature, Dam River possesses a unique ecosystem bestowed by nature upon Tam Ky City.

A leader from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tam Ky City suggests that scientists need to define management zones and identify areas for conservation and exploitation.

Meanwhile, local authorities have been promoting sustainable practices such as net fishing for tourists and organic farming, hoping for more support in building suitable livelihood models.

Recently, the city has invested over 30 billion VND in tree planting to restore the ecosystem of the Dam River, alongside conducting awareness campaigns to protect natural resources and prohibit destructive hunting.

Tam Ky has also proposed redirecting industrial wastewater from the Tam Thang Industrial Park, though this action has yet to be implemented.

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Biodiversity conservation in Dam River